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Continuum of Care for Alzheimer’s Disease

Continuum of Care for Alzheimer’s Disease

Every 68 seconds, someone in the United States develops Alzheimer’s disease. Currently, 5.2 million Americans have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, with the vast majority being 65 and older.

Alzheimer’s is a progressive, irreversible illness involving loss of cognitive functioning and pathological changes in the brain. While tremendous strides have been made in research, knowledge, and medication, the exact cause of the disease and a cure still evade medical science. The only definitive method of diagnosis is to exam brain tissue after death; therefore, if all other possible causes of symptoms are ruled out, a probable diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is made.

“Mild cases of Alzheimer’s are characterized by confusion, memory loss, and changes in personality and judgment,” says internist Hany Sourial, MD, Heritage Manor Nursing Home/Southgate Medical Director. “Moderate symptoms include difficulty with daily activities like eating and bathing, and trouble recognizing family and friends. Loss of speech and the inability to care for oneself are indicative of advanced Alzheimer’s.”

Christian Health offers a continuum of compassionate and comprehensive care for all stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Individuals with a mild form benefit from Christian Health Care Adult Day Services. The Wayne and Wyckoff programs offer medical care, nutrition services, activities, social services, and pastoral care in a safe and pleasant atmosphere. Special programs, such as simple word-association games and reminiscing discussions, are geared specifically for clients with Alzheimer’s.

For people with moderate Alzheimer’s, The Courtyard at The Longview Assisted Living Residence offers high-quality medical care, a safe home-like environment, access to a secure outdoor area, and a stimulating roster of daily activities. Registered nurses offer support and supervision around the clock.

Individuals with advanced Alzheimer’s reside in a safe, compassionate home at the Dementia Special Care Unit at Heritage Manor Nursing Home. Here, all residents are under the care of an interdisciplinary team of health-care professionals. An expansive roster of cognitive, physical, and creative activities are offered.

When hospitalization is necessary at any stage, Ramapo Ridge Behavioral Health offers comprehensive care on the Christian Health campus. A multidisciplinary health-care team collaborates, working in tandem to create an individualized treatment plan.

Care for all Alzheimer’s clients, residents, and patients also involves support and education for family and friends. Numerous caregivers support groups are offered. The group offered at Christian Health Care Services of Wayne is specifically for caregivers of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease.

For more information about Christian Health services for Alzheimer’s disease and caregivers support groups, call (201) 848-4463 or email