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The members of our board of trustees are an integral part of our mission to provide compassionate care to all those who need it. Over the years, this distinguished group of professionals has provided useful guidance and direction so that we can continue to carry out God’s work with integrity and remain committed to the Christian principles on which we were founded.

Board of Trustees

  • Bruce Balkema
  • Rick DeBel (Vice Chair)
  • Sandra DeYoung, RN, EdD (Secretary)
  • Thomas Dykhouse (Chair)
  • Rev. Rod Gorter
  • Dan Grimm
  • Julie Holland (Treasurer)
  • Rev. Richard A. Jones
  • Richard Kuder, EdD (Assistant Treasurer)
  • David Montgomery, MD
  • Amy E. Shotmeyer, Esq. (Assistant Secretary)
  • Julie Tokarski, MD, FAAP
  • Elizabeth Van Dyk, DNP, APN, FNP-C, ANP-BC
  • Anthony Van Grouw, Jr., MD, (Chair Emeritus)
  • Michael Westra
  • Douglas A. Struyk, CPA, LNHA (CEO)

Board of Trustees Biographies

Christian Health Foundation Board of Trustees

  • Lori Averso
  • John DeSclafani
  • Sandra DeYoung, RN, EdD
  • Maryanne Elsaesser
  • Herman Jeffer, Esq. (Chair Emeritus)
  • John Plum
  • Carl Rizzo, Esq. (Secretary)
  • David J. Ruitenberg, Esq.
  • Nancy Schuring
  • Amy E. Shotmeyer, Esq. (Vice Chair)
  • Kevin A. Stagg, (Treasurer), EVP, and CFO
  • James Stanley
  • Douglas A. Struyk, CPA, LNHA (CEO)
  • Ellsworth P. Whiteman (Chair)

Foundation Board of Trustees Biographies