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Mission & Vision

Health, Healing and Wellness for All Ages

The mission of Christian Health is to foster health, healing, and wellness for people of all ages in a compassionate and loving environment consistent with the Christian principles on which we were founded.

The mission is rooted in the belief that we minister to the whole person, recognizing that a person’s faith should be utilized, strengthened, and nourished. Accordingly, we respect and care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those we serve.

To fulfill our mission, we pledge to:

  • Communicate to all concerned that addressing the needs of patients, residents, clients, and their families is our primary objective;
  • Provide a comprehensive range of health, behavioral, pastoral, and supportive services without regard to age, religion, race, sex, or national origin;
  • Recognize the importance of providing quality care that meets or exceeds the generally accepted standards of the community, in an efficient and cost-effective manner;
  • Uphold our charitable mission and strive to assure access to our services by all those in need, while maintaining financial integrity;
  • Provide a safe and well-maintained physical environment;
  • Offer health-promotion services and educational programs to the community;
  • Evaluate the needs of those we serve to determine if the existing array of services should be modified or expanded; and
  • Work cooperatively with appropriate service agencies, as well as churches and other religious organizations, to assure that community needs are met.

Our mission statement was created through a joint effort involving staff, volunteers, and the governing body.


The vision of Christian Health is to be the hands of Christ through expressions of mercy and love. We aspire to live out our ministry of healing and caring to fulfill the need for quality services offered in a Christian environment. We seek to provide an ever-widening and enriched continuum of high-quality services. We commit ourselves to the Christian principles on which we were founded, thereby enabling us to carry out God’s work with integrity and compassion.

Christian Health is a non-profit organization open to anyone regardless of race, sex, or religion.