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Safety & Security

For information about Christian Health’s emergency preparedness plan and how we’re addressing the current community health situation, please visit our COVID-19 News and Updates Page.

Christian Health is dedicated to the health and wellness of all members of our community—residents, patients, consumers, sponsors, visitors, and employees. This commitment includes taking measures to ensure the safety and security of each person on our campus. Toward this end, the following systems are in place:

  • Camera monitoring of key areas: A new camera system was recently upgraded through a FEMA Homeland Security grant to multiple buildings throughout our campus.
  • Upgraded electronic door access and intercom system (Summer Hill) through a FEMA Homeland Security grant.
  • The latest elopement detection equipment: This system helps ensure the safety of people with memory impairment. It detects when a monitored individual approaches an exit door and automatically secures the door to prevent the individual from accidentally leaving the unit.
  • Electronic access to our buildings: A state-of-the-art electronic door security system maintains security while permitting authorized access at all times.
  • 24-hour security patrol of all buildings on campus
  • Emergency response procedures to assure resident safety: Christian Health is integrated into both the Wyckoff and Bergen County emergency response programs and plans.
  • Safety education provided to all residents: Residents are educated as to safety procedures as well as ways to live safely and help prevent falls.
  • Emergency generators in all buildings
  • Fire detection and protection: A state-of-the-art intelligent fire detection system and fire sprinkler protection system is installed in all buildings.
  • Safety Rounds: Proactive safety rounding is carried out in all areas on a regular, pre-scheduled basis.

The safety and security of all those on our campuses are very important to us. To learn more about our procedures please call (201) 848-5200.