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Ramapo Ridge Behavioral Health: A Therapeutic Environment for Healing

Ramapo Ridge Behavioral Health: A Therapeutic Environment for Healing

When providing inpatient mental health treatment, it’s essential to do so in a warm, nurturing environment so that patients feel comfortable, at ease, and supported. At Ramapo Ridge Behavioral Health, our inpatient hospital, we are dedicated to cultivating serene, safe, and secure surroundings for our patients to alleviate stress and help them thrive during their mental health journey.

If you think you might benefit from a stay in an inpatient mental health hospital, we are here to help. Request a referral from your primary care provider or call us at (201) 848-5500 to schedule an evaluation with our LiveWell Counseling team.

Comforting Colors and Décor

“Ramapo Ridge is designed to enhance healing, make our patients feel relaxed, decrease their stress, and provide opportunities for practicing new and effective coping skills in a very safe and calm environment,” said Alexis Totaro, MSN, RN, WHNP-c, CARN-AP, Vice President/Administrator of Mental Health Services at Christian Health. “We try to ensure that we have a therapeutic environment in all areas.”

Our recent renovations have improved the entire hospital, enhancing the soothing surroundings and creating a cozy haven for patients while they heal. New updates and upgrades to the environment and décor include:

  • All-new furniture that is behavioral-health compliant: comfortable, made from safe materials, and in soothing colors
  • Medical beds for patients with other health issues, which help them sleep more comfortably and facilitate their treatment
  • Soft pastel colors throughout all areas to promote relaxation
  • All new décor and furniture in the wings designated for older adults and adults with dementia, as well as a beautiful view of a new waterfall feature that patients find calming

Beautiful Backdrop of Nature

One thing that truly sets Ramapo Ridge apart from other treatment centers is the beautiful, peaceful setting – nothing like the cold, clinical environment many of us picture when we think of an inpatient mental health hospital. Ramapo Ridge is located on Christian Health’s primary campus in Bergen County – nestled in the Ramapo Mountains with breathtaking views, forested grounds, and roaming wildlife.

“We try to bring the outside in,” said Alexis of Ramapo Ridge’s interior design, which has many features to allow patients to enjoy the beautiful outdoors from indoors.

  • All private rooms have windows for patients to enjoy natural light and outside views.
  • The dayroom has a large skylight that lets in plenty of sunlight, which often has a positive effect on mood and mental health.
  • The new group-therapy location offers our patients nature views during sessions, where they can enjoy the changing seasons and deer sightings.

Respect for Privacy

We know that many people still feel uncomfortable or afraid of the idea of seeking inpatient treatment. That’s why we make sure that we provide everyone in our care with a secure environment where their privacy is respected.

Features that promote privacy and security include:

  • A new canopied entrance, allowing patients and their families to enter discreetly
  • Friendly admissions team members to immediately greet patients
  • A comfortable area for family to wait while the patient is admitted
  • A private treatment area to assess the patient and streamline the admissions process
  • Cozy visiting lounges for loved ones to spend time with patients in a semiprivate space

Therapeutic Activities

At Ramapo Ridge, we have a diverse schedule of educational and interactive activities to help patients thrive in their journey to mental wellness. Therapeutic activities create an atmosphere that is welcoming and supportive, encouraging patients to be expressive and relate to one another. “Because therapeutic activities are nonthreatening, they allow our patients to be more open and honest,” said Guylaine Mazure, Director of Activities at Ramapo Ridge. “They start to trust us more because we’re not just dictating how it should be — we are letting them figure it out for themselves.”

Therapeutic activities at Ramapo Ridge include:

  • Interactive games and worksheets, such as writing down and discussing mottos and affirmations
  • Art therapy, such as drawing, creating collages, and writing poetry
  • Music therapy, such as song identification exercises to discuss why patients are drawn to certain music, writing songs, and playing instruments
  • Aromatherapy and meditation
  • Snoezelen therapy – a multisensory type of therapy that uses light, aroma, and sound to produce calming effects – for older adults with cognitive difficulties, such as those caused by dementia

Like all other areas of the treatment center, our activities area was recently updated with new furniture, cabinetry, and warm, soothing color schemes.

Safety and Quality Care

Our highly qualified clinical team members follow strict procedures and use advanced technologies to ensure all of our patients are safe and comfortable during their stay at the hospital. The use of state-of-the-art tools simplifies and streamlines patient rounding by setting reminders and alerting team members when high-priority patients need attention. Reporting and analytic capabilities ensure that the environment is safe, clinical excellence is consistently achieved, and care provided is always high quality and high standard.

Inpatient Behavioral Health Treatment at Ramapo Ridge

Inpatient treatment is a lifesaving care modality for individuals experiencing a mental health crisis. Ramapo Ridge provides a safe and therapeutic environment where patients can isolate from triggers, stabilize, and learn coping skills to use after they return to their day-to-day life outside of the hospital.

If you think you might benefit from a stay in an inpatient mental health hospital, we are here to help. Visit your primary care provider to a request a referral for admission to our program, or please call (201) 848-5500 to make an appointment with our team at LiveWell Counseling for an evaluation. You can also visit the mental health section of our website for more information.