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Fostering health, healing, and wellness is not always about living longer. Sometimes it is about making the most of the time one has left and finding comfort. While physical healing may not occur, hospice recognizes that emotional and spiritual healing are equally important.

We offer a specialized inpatient hospice unit on our campus in Bergen County, NJ, to serve terminally ill patients for whom home-based hospice care is not an option. This designated area within Christian Health’s Heritage Manor Nursing Home offers patients compassionate round-the-clock care by a team of caregivers, as well as 24-hour visitation for the patient’s friends and family members.

While facing the impending loss of a loved one can be a sad and very difficult time for those who will remain, it is also a deeply personal experience for the patient. Christian Health is dedicated to helping both the patient and his or her loved ones find meaning and hope.


For hospice admissions information, please call (201) 848-5855.