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Mental Health Matters: Christian Health
Is Here for You and Your Family

A Mother’s Love…“I love my children. Our two teenage daughters, Lindsey and Laura, are the greatest gift from God. At this stage of their lives, they should be filled with hope, curiosity, and joy, but that was not the case several months ago. They were unhappy, disengaged, and depressed.

As a mother of faith, I encourage my girls to turn to God and pray during challenging
times. My girls are so different, but what they have in common is that they struggle with
anxiety and the ability to cope in times of stress. They needed more help than what I could
give them to meet their mental health needs. We turned to Christian Health’s LiveWell
Counseling for help. When we met Dr. Cynthia Jalando-On, Psychiatrist at LiveWell
Counseling, our lives were forever changed for the better.

With compassionate support from Dr. Jalando-On and my daughters’ therapists, my girls
began to heal. I knew this care team was the right fit for my girls. The staff at Christian
Health are so loving and patient. They developed comprehensive care plans that gave
Lindsey and Laura hope. Having access to this mental health care was essential for Lindsey
and Laura. They deserve to live a life of happiness. Lindsey learned how to manage her
fears and anxiety. When she faces challenges, she is more resilient and self-confident.
Laura, who once was quiet and never expressed her feelings, is now able to talk to us
about her day. She is healthier and happier! Our family dinnertimes are now filled with open
conversations and gratitude.

I am so grateful for the dedicated care team at LiveWell. They are a best-in-class mental
health provider who have made such an incredible impact on my daughters’ lives. There is
hope and healing with God’s presence and I am so thankful for LiveWell.

- Carol, mother of clients at Christian Health’s LiveWell Counseling

Christian Health continues to meet community needs by offering mental health services in a caring and compassionate environment through three programs:

  • Ramapo Ridge Behavioral Health, an inpatient behavioral health hospital
  • Gracepoint, a partial-hospitalization and intensive outpatient program
  • LiveWell Counseling, an outpatient mental health center

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Your gift will enable Christian Health to:

  • Meet the increased demand for mental health services and provide greater access to care
  • Enhance mental health education and awareness for our staff and members of the community
  • Increase support for our Good Samaritan Fund, which enables us to never turn anyone away because of an inability to pay

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