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Growth for Generations

This year Christian Health celebrates 110 years of service to the community through our senior-life, short-term rehab, and mental-health services and programs. We are blessed and privileged to have provided compassionate care and service to our community for over a century, and are committed to continuing this GROWTH for GENERATIONS.

Throughout many generations of service, the Bolger family has been an extraordinary benefactor, supporter, and friend to Christian Health. Most recently, The Bolger Foundation blessed Christian Health with a commitment pledge for a total sum of almost $3 million over the next two years – the largest single major donor gift in Christian Health Foundation’s history. Layered into this is an important Bolger Foundation Challenge Grant specifically earmarked for Christian Health’s GROWTH for GENERATIONS campaign – a special campaign for our Southgate capital project. Christian Health is challenged to raise $2.2 million before the end of 2022, and The Bolger Foundation has committed to support Christian Health’s GROWTH for GENERATIONS campaign with $2 million!

We need your help! Will you consider joining this vital campaign by making a gift or a pledge over the next two years to help us meet this goal? We can’t do this without you.

Our GROWTH for GENERATIONS campaign for Southgate is indeed more important than ever before. Southgate, Christian Health’s special-care, skilled nursing unit, has served countless families in our community for over two decades. The state of New Jersey has approved plans to increase the capacity of those we care for by adding additional rooms and beds. We are looking to completely update and renovate all rooms, spaces, dining areas, and nurses’ stations to create a healing environment for the many vulnerable people we care for and will care for in our community. With added safety and security, this major project, will truly be state-of-the-art for generations to come.

The Bolger Foundation gift will also support our ability to enhance and expand Ramapo Ridge Behavioral Health. The Bolger Foundation’s commitment to our mission, support of the many vulnerable people in our community, and longstanding financial advocacy of Christian Health’s mental health continuum – especially throughout the pandemic – are all testament to a deep partnership of care excellence and leadership.

Now more than ever, your support is even more impactful and significant – and greatly needed. Please consider making a tax-deductible gift or pledge to Christian Health’s GROWTH for GENERATIONS campaign as part of our 2021 Annual Fund.

Your generosity enables Christian Health to continue our legacy to serve so many families as we have always done for the last 110 years.

Thank you for your gifts, pledges, and prayers.

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