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Physical Therapy

While you are a patient at Christian Health’s David F. Bolger Post-acute Care Unit, your individualized rehabilitation plan will likely include physical therapy services. Physical therapy is a medical specialty that focuses on improving and promoting mobility and function.

Physical therapy may include:

  • Illness management and recovery
  • Symptom identification
  • Exercises to restore strength and balance
  • Training to walk safely with or without canes or walkers
  • Training to move safely from bed to chair and back again
  • Use of heat, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation modalities to assist in pain control
  • Training of aides and/or family members in safe techniques for assisting in care
  • Evaluating the need to splint legs to minimize loss of motion
  • Consulting with physicians and staff on other equipment needs of the individual

For More Information

For more information about physical therapy at Christian Health or admission to The David F. Bolger Post-acute Care Unit and Bolger Short-term Rehab, call (201) 848-5855.