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The Truth About Skilled Nursing: Dispelling 4 Common Myths

The Truth About Skilled Nursing: Dispelling 4 Common Myths

If you or a loved one are moving into a skilled nursing community, it is common to be nervous about the change in your lifestyle. Many people have inaccurate or outdated ideas about skilled nursing and fear that they will lose their autonomy. In reality, skilled nursing centers are long-term care communities dedicated to providing compassionate care and ensuring their residents live happy, fulfilling lives.

Myth #1: Skilled nursing centers are just like hospitals.

While it is true that residents of skilled nursing communities will receive medical care, it is a misconception that all skilled nursing centers are cold, clinical places. A skilled nursing community should be warm and homey, with friendly, compassionate caregivers providing round-the-clock, personalized care to residents.

Myth #2: Residents in skilled nursing have no autonomy.

Moving into skilled nursing does not take away the resident’s right to autonomy. Residents still have a say in their health care decisions and a right to privacy. Skilled nursing centers may have rules to keep those they care for safe, but residents still have freedom to choose what activities they participate in, the doctors they see, and even how they decorate their rooms. Skilled nursing caregivers are trained to respect every individual’s privacy and will always knock before entering their space. The goal of skilled nursing is to ensure all residents are safe and cared for as well as comfortable and content.

Myth #3: Residents in skilled nursing are isolated and bedridden.

Skilled nursing residents are able (and encouraged) to live a lifestyle that is as active and social as possible. Many skilled nursing centers have a fun-filled calendar of activities for residents to enjoy, including art classes, exercise, festive parties, live entertainment, and games. Meals are served in a communal dining area, allowing residents to socialize. Residents are also able to have visits from their loved ones at any time and leave the center on organized group outings or with their family.

Myth #4: The food in skilled nursing is poor.

Many people incorrectly believe that skilled nursing meals are bland, flavorless, and served without any consideration to the residents’ needs or preferences. However, skilled nursing centers are required to adhere to strict guidelines to ensure they are serving freshly prepared, nutritious foods and offer meals that meet residents’ dietary restrictions. Many even go out of their way to accommodate their residents. “Food is big, and it’s important for people,” said Tamara Alvarez, Director of Dining Services across many of Christian Health’s communities, including Heritage Manor, our skilled nursing center. “We bring our residents joy by giving them the food that they want.”

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