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Hillcrest’s Independent-Plus Living Helps Residents Stay Active

Hillcrest’s Independent-Plus Living Helps Residents Stay Active

The Christian Health community of Hillcrest is a unique blend of independent apartment homes, moderate assisted-living services, and fun social activities for older adults, known fittingly as “independent-plus living.” The charming community perfectly blends self-sufficiency with socialization and companionship, perfect for the older adult who still desires privacy but is also looking for a fulfilling and active social life.

Hillcrest offers a fun-filled and diverse calendar of events tailored to resident interests, which includes games, exercise classes, and festive themed socials.

Benefits of Staying Active in Retirement

Retirement is an exciting new chapter with endless possible ways to spend it, but many retirees struggle to fill their days with interesting things to do. It’s easy to become more sedentary when you have less responsibility, which is unhealthy for anyone – especially older adults. Staying active and engaged as you age helps you stay fit, sharp, and in good health by doing the following:

  • Fighting dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • Boosting confidence and overall mood
  • Reducing high blood pressure
  • Reversing bone loss
  • Preventing arthritis
  • Promoting a healthy weight
  • Increasing energy
  • Preventing heart disease and diabetes
  • Alleviating back and joint pain
  • Decreasing cancer risk

The Exciting Activities at Hillcrest

If you are looking for a community that prioritizes socialization and a robust calendar of activities, Hillcrest might be the place for you! “We like to keep the residents active physically and intellectually to help them maintain their independence,” said Patti Lombardi, Activity Coordinator at Hillcrest.

The planned activities at Hillcrest are diverse and unique, chosen with individual resident preferences in mind. “We focus on the needs and wants of the residents,” said Patti. “We have a resident council once a month where they provide suggestions. We always try to give them what they want.”

Tailoring the activities to residents’ requests and interests ensures that Hillcrest provides a fulfilling, fun, and interesting lifestyle to its happy inhabitants. The community recently introduced the classic backyard game corn hole after residents requested it. “They’re very excited!” said Patti.

Some of the offered activities at Hillcrest include:

  • Community outings, such as shopping trips and sightseeing to local points of interest, like Paterson Falls
  • Live entertainment
  • Word games and trivia
  • Bingo
  • Religious activities
  • Exercise classes
  • Themed parties

Social Soirees

Hillcrest residents enjoy socializing with their friends and neighbors at numerous festive themed bashes throughout the year. Annual events include a Cinco de Mayo fiesta, a patriotic summertime BBQ with their neighbors at our other independent-living community, Evergreen Court (featuring a live actor portraying Thomas Jefferson!), a summer luau, a 1950s-themed end-of-summer party, and an Oktoberfest celebration. Themed events include special on-theme meals and games, and residents are often encouraged to attend wearing garb inspired by the party’s theme.

Staying Sharp

Keeping residents engaged intellectually is always a priority at Hillcrest, and the community offers various brain-stimulating activities, including a monthly book club. Patti retrieves copies of the chosen book for all the book club members, and participants have meetings to discuss the story. Joining in thought-provoking discourse about the book’s themes is a great and effective way for residents to not only keep their minds sharp but also make some great new friends!

Making Moves

Regular exercise is an important part of a healthy routine, especially for older adults. Hillcrest offers organized exercise classes several mornings a week to help residents stay fit, improve their mobility and flexibility, promote joint health, and boost mood and overall wellness. Participants can join in seated and standing exercise routines, use weights, and are encouraged to exercise at a level that is comfortable and beneficial for them.

Fun and Games

Hillcrest inhabitants can participate in a variety of fun and stimulating games with their friends and fellow residents, such as bingo, Scrabble, and trivia. The special auction event is always a huge hit: “All the residents always say, “Oh my God, it’s so much fun!’” said Patti. The residents get to use play money to bid on mystery prizes and then laugh when their winnings are revealed. “It could be a funny ‘bad prize’ like a sock or something nice like a gift card,” said Patti. “They don’t know what’s in there, but they always have such a ball bidding against each other!” Hillcrest residents also enjoy regular visits from Ramapo high schoolers, who come in to play board games or participate in a fun trivia night with the residents.

Interested in Learning More about Hillcrest?

If you or a loved one are looking to settle in a community for older adults in Bergen County, New Jersey, that features the best of both worlds – security and companionship – Hillcrest might be right for you. The community offers affordable apartment options as well as market-rate housing. For more information on Hillcrest admissions, please call (201) 848-5856. We would love to welcome you home!