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The Bridge on the Road to Recovery: A Home Care Success Story

The Bridge on the Road to Recovery: A Home Care Success Story

When Marie Hoebee was hospitalized after suffering a fall and breaking her hip, her medication caused her to become confused and disoriented. She was later transferred to Bolger Short-Term Rehabilitation at Christian Health, where her confusion continued, making it difficult for her to receive the therapy she needed.

“She didn’t know where she was,” her daughter, Juliann Hoebee, explained. “Under the advice of Christian Health, we enlisted Home Care Options to aid her during her time at rehab. Along with the Christian Health team, they helped her get up and move around and were really great companions for her there.”

Home Care Options is a provider of in-home health care services that has served northern New Jersey since 1954. They have recently joined Christian Health to provide their exceptional home care to even more New Jersey residents who need it.

After her one-month stay at Bolger Short-Term Rehabilitation receiving healing therapy for her injury, Marie returned home and continued to receive home care services. The aides helped Marie with basic activities of daily living, such as tidying up her apartment, making sure she was dressed and bathed, helping her get to the bathroom comfortably and safely, and preparing her meals.

“They really were the bridge for my mother that allowed her to stay in her own home and lose her confusion because of her familiar surroundings,” said Juliann. “They were very helpful so that I could continue to work.” Five home health aides provided in-home services for Marie 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for three and a half weeks until she had fully recovered.

“They were all amazing,” said Juliann. “Every single person that came in contact with my mother was caring, kind, and respectful and listened to her needs. They were very much an intricate part of her recovery.” Besides performing essential daily tasks for Marie, the aides were integral in helping her relearn to do things on her own.

“They not only prepared her meals but also assisted her so that she transitioned back into cooking her own meals,” said Juliann. “They would get her laundry and then my mom would fold it.”

The aides kept in regular contact with Juliann, making sure to update her on her mom’s condition and progress regularly. “I didn’t have any reservations about them being in her home because they were in constant communication with me,” she said.

Having the aides around to help Marie provided her with companionship, helped reassure her of her surroundings, prevented her from having another detrimental fall, and significantly facilitated her recovery, much to Juliann’s relief.

“She’s now back to living independently, her cognition is back, and she’s really doing very well,” she said. “I credit the care she got at Christian Health and from the amazing home health aides. Those two components are why my mother is where she is today.”

Is Home Care Options Right for You?

Making the decision to bring a caregiver into your home is not easy. However, with Home Care Options, a Christian Health service, we bring wellness to your door with our experienced and compassionate home health aides, who perform a wide variety of household and health-related services, including housekeeping, personal care, and mobility assistance.

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