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Rehab Patient Bob Larson Shares Exceptional Experience

Rehab Patient Bob Larson Shares Exceptional Experience

Bob Larson came to Christian Health from the hospital after having surgery on his leg due to an artery collapse. He was bedridden and unable to walk.

“When your balance is gone, it’s a little frightening,” he said. “But on my first day an occupational therapist arrived at my bedside and coached me out of bed and onto a walker.”

The therapist gave Bob very specific instructions and carefully directed him on how to get dressed and stand for the first time in almost five weeks. “I was in discomfort, but she guided me, and we began my first journey via wheelchair to the airy, well-lit gym.”

Bob chose Christian Health’s Bolger Short-Term Rehab based on recommendations from friends that the services were “outstanding.” The state-of-theart rehabilitation center offers physical, occupational, and speech therapy for patients of all ages that are recovering from an illness, an injury, or surgery. Experienced, knowledgeable onsite therapists work with patients using a variety of equipment and exercises to help them return to wellness and their normal routine as quickly as possible.

“The care, compassion, and physical guidance continued for my entire stay, from both the occupational and physical therapists,” Bob said. “I was coached on stair climbing, dressing, and performing household duties, such as dishwashing and emptying the washing machine.” Therapists guided Bob every day with a series of exercises that increased his strength and improved his mobility. “Each day I felt more confident and comfortable with my physical challenges,” he said. “By the end of my stay, I was moving around with just the aid of a cane.”

Bob spent just two weeks at Christian Health but was amazed at the progress he made in that minimal timeframe. “The motivation I received from the physical therapists helped me beat the odds,” he said. “They knew how to bring me as far as my body could tolerate, which is more than my head thought I could do.”

Bob spoke highly of the entire team at Bolger Short-Term Rehab, praising everything from their expertise to their friendly dispositions. “I cannot say enough about the bedside manner of the health care professionals at the rehab, from the nurses to on-site doctors to nurses’ aides,” he said. “Every person on this team made sure I was administered my medication in a timely manner, fed three excellent meals per day, and washed and cleaned each morning with fresh linens on my bed.”

The therapists offered “just the right amount of encouragement” to ensure Bob made the most progress possible without sacrificing his wellbeing. “I always felt safe,” he said. “They took care of me.” “As a patient I thank the entire staff for their well-coordinated effort,” he continued. “This team of physical therapy professionals all led to my ability to return to my home.”

To get more information about inpatient short-term rehab at Christian Health, please call (201) 848-5855. For outpatient short-term rehab, please call (201) 848-5518.