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Six great reasons to stay in motion

Six great reasons to stay in motion

When you’re leaning toward skipping crossfit in favor of a few extra winks, remember Newton’s law: A body in motion stays in motion. Crossfit wasn’t around when he devised that law in 1687, but four centuries later, it’s motivation to keep moving and exercise.

In homage to Sir Isaac Newton, the short-term rehab staff at Christian Health offer the following reasons to stay in motion:

  1. Many health conditions and diseases can be prevented or managed with exercise.
  2. Want to lose weight or maintain those 10 pounds that you’ve shed? Exercise can help.
  3. If household chores or other daily tasks are wearing you out, exercise for an energy boost.
  4. De-stress and get happy from exercise. It can improve your mood.
  5. Forget counting sheep. Exercise works better to promote sleep.
  6. Take a spin on your bike or grab some friends for a socially distant boot camp. Exercise can be enjoyable and social.

For more information about the benefits of exercise or to schedule a virtual Speakers Bureau presentation by a member of our short-term rehab staff, contact (201) 848-5200.