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“You Don’t Only Need Therapy – You Need Encouragement”: Rehab Patient Describes Healing Experience at Christian Health

“You Don’t Only Need Therapy – You Need Encouragement”: Rehab Patient Describes Healing Experience at Christian Health

After being hospitalized for a stroke, Jane Scerbo was admitted to Bolger Short-Term Rehabilitation for her therapy needs so that she could return to the active lifestyle she loved. The state-of-the-art rehabilitation center offers physical, occupational, and speech therapy to patients who are recovering from various health issues, surgeries, or injuries, including heart surgery, hip or joint replacement, cardiac disease, stroke, and pneumonia.

“I had always been active,” Jane said. “After the stroke, my expert therapists and the healing environment at Bolger both contributed to improving my health and well-being.”

Jane believes the uplifting atmosphere at Bolger inspired her to work hard in therapy and achieve her goals effectively. “The gym at Bolger is outstanding,” she said. “The views of the Ramapo Mountains give you a sense of being connected to nature, which is good for your mood as you work to rebuild your strength.”

Our highly qualified and experienced therapists also played a vital role in Jane’s progress. “You are in rehab because something big has happened to you,” she said. “You don’t only need therapy – you need encouragement. The therapists are outstanding partners – they come to you and discuss your needs and goals. They listen.”

Jane received physical, occupational, and speech therapy to address the stroke’s effect on her mobility, balance, and speech hesitancy. “Occupational therapy was really important because the consequences of her stroke affected her right, dominant hand,” said Jane’s daughter, Nancy Berlinger. “She really values learning ways to maximize the use of her right hand and develop her strength in both hands. Her progress from therapy has been tremendous.”

At Christian Health, our comprehensive continuum of care allows our patients, residents, and clients to move from one community on campus to another depending on their needs – receiving the same quality and compassionate care services we are known for in a familiar environment.

After Jane completed her stay at Bolger Short-Term Rehabilitation, she moved to Longview, our premier assisted living community, unsure of whether she would stay there permanently. “Longview was a great place for her to receive her needed continuing therapy and other support during a transitional time,” said Nancy. “My mother is a social, outgoing person. People were sharing with her why they were at Longview. She said, ‘Everybody is here for a reason – an injury or some other necessary transition from independent living.’ It was a considered decision in each case. It was good for her and me to hear that, and ultimately she made the decision to stay.”

In her new home at Longview, Jane receives her outpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapy to help her continue regaining and maintaining function after her stroke. “The team is terrific,” Jane said of her therapists.

Jane also credits the healing environment and beautiful, natural setting at Longview for helping her accommodate the new challenges that come with adjusting to life after a major event such as a stroke. “I use the patio for walking therapy and for the benefits of the sunlight and fresh air,” she said.

In addition to its homey, peaceful atmosphere and expert care team, Longview offers a robust calendar of activities and events that provide many opportunities to stay fit and engaged, helping Jane and the community’s other residents to enjoy an active, vibrant lifestyle. Meals are served in a communal setting, encouraging socialization for outgoing residents like Jane. Nancy was particularly impressed with Longview’s dining team and their willingness to accommodate her mother’s dietary needs.

“My mother has Celiac – that’s important for someone with a condition like that,” Nancy said. “Food is what keeps you healthy. The dining team was so receptive to discussing her condition and giving her choices. That is a make-or-break issue for someone like my mother. It’s what makes it possible for her to move to a new place.”

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