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Stay Fit and Connected This Winter

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Stay Fit and Connected This Winter
The winter can be a difficult time for both your physical fitness and mental wellness. Frigid temperatures and harsh weather make it easier to stay inside and harder to get motivated. If you often find yourself feeling sluggish, unproductive, and isolated during the cold winter months, these tips will help you remain active, fit, and connected until spring.

Join a Gym

A gym membership is a great way to get out of the house and stay active in the winter. Most gyms offer a variety of fun classes, such as Zumba, spin, or HIIT workouts, so that you can not only burn some calories but possibly make some new friends as well. Having gym buddies to support you and hold you accountable also makes it easier to stay motivated and stick to a workout schedule.

Join a Walking Club

If walking is your preferred form of cardio, the dreary winter season likely ruins your workout routine. However, many walking clubs are still active when the weather turns cold. Find a walking group in your area or start a new one with some friends and take regular scheduled strolls in indoor areas, such as malls or indoor gyms.

Try a Virtual Fitness Class

If you prefer to venture out of your house as little as possible during the cold winter months, a virtual workout class might be right for you. There are a vast variety of options to choose from, including Pilates, yoga, and dance-inspired workouts. You can often pay per class to give it a try or pay a monthly subscription fee for access to all live classes plus on-demand workouts. Many services even offer a free trial or class for new users.

Outpatient Physical Therapy at Christian Health

Many old injuries or sore muscles act up in the damp, cold winter months. Physical therapy can help improve your flexibility and alleviate pain so that you can work out more effectively and enjoy better results. For more information on physical therapy at our Outpatient Rehabilitation, please call (201) 848-5518 or visit