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Cold Weather Safety Tips

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Cold Weather Safety Tips

Cold Weather Safety Tips

Stay safe and warm inside and outside this winter with these helpful tips.

Dress warmly outside
While avoiding going out in the harsh cold is the best option for older adults, when necessary be sure to dress warmly and limit your time outdoors.

  • Wear several layers of warm clothing, a hat, and a scarf.
  • Wear a waterproof coat or jacket if it’s raining or snowing.
  • Change your clothes as soon as you get home if they are wet

Stay warm inside
It’s just as important to make sure you stay toasty when inside your home – living in a too cold house can cause hypothermia, particularly for those with certain health conditions.

  • Keep the heat at least 68 to 70 degrees.
  • Place a rolled towel in front of all doors to keep out drafts and make sure your windows are properly sealed.
  • Dress warmly inside, use blankets, and wear socks and slippers.
  • If a power outage leaves you without heat, try to stay with a relative or friend.

Take precautions to prevent falls
Slippery outdoor conditions during the fall and winter can make walking hazardous for those with mobility restrictions.

  • Keep walkways clear of fallen leaves, snow, and ice – if you don’t have someone to help you with the task, consider hiring a professional or asking a neighbor to help.
  • Always wear shoes with durable, nonskid soles when walking outside.

Prepare your vehicle for the season
Winter driving is especially dangerous for those who may not drive as often anymore. Check the oil, tires, battery, and wipers and make sure your roadside assistance plan is up-to-date in case of emergencies.

When you have completed your cold weather preparations, a cozy cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate is always a great idea too!