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An important message from President and CEO Douglas A. Struyk, CPA, LNHA

American flags at Christian Health locations in Wayne and Wyckoff have been lowered since April 3, 2020, in memory of those across the country who have lost their battle against COVID-19. Today, it also recognizes the memory of George Floyd and the need for greater justice in our country.
Mr. Floyd’s senseless and inexplicable death is profoundly heartbreaking. His family and friends described him as a devoted father, hard worker, and gentle giant. His death alone is distressing. In addition, the subsequent violent and destructive response to his death that is causing immense nation-wide unrest has been troubling to witness.

We are blessed at Christian Health with a rich diversity of cultural and other back-grounds among our patients, residents, clients, consumers, volunteers, physicians, and entire staff of nearly 900. Discrimination is not tolerated here. It never has been, and never will be. In 1911, our forefathers founded this organization to care for everyone, regardless of race, sex, or religion. Our Christian principles have guided us for over a century. They have never failed us or those entrusted to our care that come from our community-at-large. At this time, our thoughts and prayers are especially with our colleagues and the community who are per-sonally impacted by this grave injustice, yet again, and the sadness and heartache that it brings.

So let us join in peace and prayer. Let us live our vision to be the hands of Christ through ex-pressions of love and mercy, as we have done for the past 109 years. Let us continue to culti-vate a culture of kindness, love, acceptance, understanding, empathy, and safety through the fruits of the spirit. Let us love thy neighbor as thyself. Let us honor George Floyd through com-passion and tolerance. Let us pray for the safety of those who protest, for an end to all vio-lence, and for a nation that must always deliver liberty and justice for all.