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Prestigious Medical Staff at the Helm of Care

Christian Health (CHCC) believes in a team approach to care. Nurses, aides, social workers, dietitians, rehabilitation therapists, chaplains, and activity therapists join together with one goal: Deliver high-quality, compassionate Patient- and Family-centered Care. At the helm of each individual team is a physician dedicated to those entrusted to his/her care and to CHCC’s mission.

The CHCC Medical Staff comprises a knowledgeable and experienced group of internists and psychiatrists. Many are board-certified in their specialty. Cardiologists, dentists, dermatologists, family practitioners, infectious-disease specialists, neurologists, ophthalmologists, orthopedic surgeons, otolaryngologists, physiatrists (physicians specializing in rehabilitation medicine), podiatrists, and psychologists supplement care, when required or requested.

“Christian Health has a true interdisciplinary-team approach to treatment,” says Aijazali Nanjiani, MD, Medical Staff President and a psychiatrist at Ramapo Ridge Behavioral Health and LiveWell Counseling. “All the staff is very dedicated and friendly, and provides outstanding care to our residents, patients, clients and consumers.”

Since CHCC was founded in 1911, physicians have been integral not only to care provided, but also to the Center’s management and growth. The first CHCC physician, William Veenstra, MD, provided medical care free of charge. Later, Taeke Bosch, MD, fulfilled dual roles: Resident Physician and Superintendent. In the 1960s physicians concurrently were leaders of administration and the board of trustees. Aaron W. Rosendale, MD, served as the Center’s Administrative Director, while Abram M. Vermeulen, MD, chaired the board of trustees. Since Dr. Vermeulen’s tenure, physicians continue to serve on the board as the Physician Representative, Chair, or trustee.

Today’s Medical Staff is united with its predecessors by its steadfast commitment to CHCC’s mission.

“Our Christian mission has profound influence on the Center from top to bottom. It unifies people in a humane approach to patients which sometimes gets lost in other settings,” says psychiatrist Howard Gilman, MD, CHCC Medical Executive. “It’s remained front and center, and really does guide our approach to care. We have a spiritual dimension of treatment which isn’t found at other places.”

A unique feature of today’s Medical Staff is represented by internist Hany Sourial, MD, FACP. He serves as the full-time, on-site Medical Director of Heritage Manor Nursing Home, The David F. Bolger Post-acute Care Unit, and Southgate behavior-management unit. His role is rare among long-term care residences.

“We give thanks to God for our talented and compassionate medical staff,” says Douglas A. Struyk, CHCC President and CEO. “Our physicians truly provide outstanding clinical leadership and joins our extended team to serve as the hands of Christ to our residents, patients, clients, consumers, and their families.”