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Inpatient and Outpatient Short-term Rehab at CHCC is “Magnificent!”

"I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair,” says Bob Fleissner. “But thanks to short-term rehab at Christian Health, I am walking again and very, very much better. This place is magnificent!”

Late last winter, the Glen Rock resident developed a respiratory infection. A prescribed medication interacted with another drug Mr. Fleissner takes for pulmonary fibrosis, a disease which causes tissues deep in the lungs to become thick, stiff, and scarred, and makes breathing difficult.

“Eventually I got so weak that my daughter took me to the emergency room at The Valley Hospital,” he says.

Following a six-day hospital stay, Mr. Fleissner selected Christian Health’s short-term rehab unit to help him build his strength and endurance.

“I was aware of Christian Health’s program, not only because I live in the area, but also because one of my nephews had worked there,” says the Milwaukee native whose job as an electrical engineer for Motorola in Fair Lawn brought him to New Jersey in 1963.

Short-term rehab, both inpatient and outpatient, is beneficial for patients like Mr. Fleissner who have a chronic illness, as well as individuals who have had a joint replacement; are recovering from a stroke, cardiac surgery, or pneumonia; or have had surgery. One-to-one physical, occupational, and speech therapy takes place in the 14,000-square-foot Bolger Gym & Wellness Center. The high-tech facility includes the Transitional Care Suite, a treatment modality unique to this area. The suite, which encompasses a kitchen/dining area, family room, laundry room, bedroom, and bathroom, offers patients a chance to relearn activities of daily living (ADL) in a safe, private environment under the guidance of their therapist.

In addition to rehab therapists, patients benefit from an interdisciplinary team which addresses an individual’s body, mind, and spirit needs in accordance with our Person- and Family-centered Care philosophy. Other significant benefits include a full-time on-site medical director, patient and family education, and appetizing and nutritious meals served in a restaurant atmosphere.

Following three weeks as an inpatient, Mr. Fleissner seamlessly transitioned to the outpatient program, where he continued to work with his same therapists.

“When Mr. Fleissner came here, he was on oxygen and in a wheelchair, and he needed help getting around,” says Erica Braunius, PT, his primary physical therapist. “We focused on building his strength and balance through walking, and using the rehab stairs and the NuStep machine. His occupational therapy team worked on improving his ADLs in the Transitional Care Suite.

“I’m getting stronger all the time,” Mr. Fleissner says. “I don’t need a wheelchair or a walker, and I am driving again. Christian Health is wonderful!”

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