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High Tech Meets High Touch in the Bolger Gym & Wellness Center

In the 14,000-square-foot Bolger Gym & Wellness Center at Christian Health, modern technology and progressive approaches supplement compassionate care for short-term rehab inpatients and outpatients. In this light-filled and motivating environment, high-tech equipment, including Korebalance, LiteGait, and Moveo, can be incorporated into individualized physical and occupational therapy care plans.

Korebalance incorporates virtual and interactive 3D technology to stimulate the brain and nervous system to improve balance, stability, coordination, and posture. Patients stand on a pivoted platform and shift their weight in order to follow a game or activity on a monitor.

“The visual training programs require cognitive interaction, and are fun and captivating,” says Jane Quijano, PT, Outpatient Rehabilitation Services Director. “Training programs are customized to each individual patient. Throughout therapy we can adjust difficulty levels and tasks.”

Korebalance is beneficial for a range of conditions, including therapy following a joint replacement, stroke, and closed-head injury, and for individuals with Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and peripheral neuropathy. The technology helps improve agility, reaction time, and motor control; sharpen the body’s response to an unstable environment; increase core muscle strength, flexibility, and range of motion; and boost confidence for seniors to react and recover from impending falls.

LiteGait helps improve walking while simultaneously controlling weight bearing, posture, and balance over a treadmill.

“A harness and overhead support system assist patients while using a treadmill,” Ms. Quijano says. “It’s a safer method for both the therapist and patient to focus on walking pattern. The therapist can lift and train patients without the help of additional staff. Patients are in a comfortable fall-free environment, so they can begin rehabilitation at earlier stages. Their confidence is boosted and they experience a sense of accomplishment.”

LiteGait is beneficial for a wide range of patients who need to improve gait and balance. The weight-bearing load can be increased or decreased on the weaker side of the body. More important, patients learn to walk with proper upright position.

Moveo XP is a tilt table which enables patients who are not capable of supporting full body weight to participate in weight-bearing activity at an earlier stage in rehabilitation. Moveo allows patients to easily transfer from a bed or wheelchair. They are harnessed securely and safely to the device, so the risk of a fall is eliminated.

“Moveo helps patients who are not strong enough to stand upright and walk on their own. The device safely pivots from lying horizontally face up to an upright position. As their strength increases, the Moveo assists them with partial weight-bearing exercise,” Ms. Quijano says. “Moveo is particularly beneficial for individuals who may have blood-pressure issues. We can closely monitor them and adjust the Moveo as necessary.”

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