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The Good Samaritan Fund: Sustaining a Tradition of Caring for Our Neighbors in Need

Christian Health’s founders created a mental-health facility that was open to all who sought help, regardless of ability to pay. The Center’s Good Samaritan Fund ensures that this policy continues to hold true. Through this fund, those in need have access to outpatient therapy at LiveWell Counseling (CHCCC).

Toward the end of 2008, America’s economy started a downward spiral. The entire population – from company presidents to car mechanics to retirees – was affected. Every day the news was filled with stories about the recession, unemployment statistics, and the decline of large and small businesses. Our local communities were not exempt from the stresses of these difficult times. Anxiety, anger, depression, stress, and frustration prompted unprecedented numbers of people to seek mental-health counseling. New client volume at CHCCC increased 51 percent, primarily due to the day-to-day stress related to living in such challenging and unpredictable times. Unfortunately, many of these individuals had limited or no ability to pay for their care.

The 2009 Annual Fund supported the Good Samaritan Fund. While other annual funds appeals were designated for brick and mortar – constructing an addition to our Ramapo Ridge Behavioral Health and a Great Room to Heritage Manor East Nursing Home, for instance – the 2009 Annual Fund helped us rebuild lives and emotional well-being. While the Center couldn’t solve financial issues, we helped ease mental-health issues created during turbulent economic times.

Help us continue to provide mental-health service for those in need. Click here to make a donation to the Good Samaritan Fund.