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Christian Health Top of the List for Short-term Rehab Newly Expanded 14,000-Square-foot Gym Boasts State-of-the-Art Equipment

WYCKOFF, NJ … Susan Winter considered only one destination for rehabilitation following knee-replacement surgery.

“I wanted Christian Health (CHCC) to be my rehabilitation facility,” she said. “I’ve lived in Wyckoff for 45 years, and I always knew about the wonderful facility housed ‘up on the hill.’ It has been the hallmark of care for all the years I have lived here.”

Mrs. Winter had delayed surgery to care for her husband. After he passed away, arthritis and sciatica in her knee made her nearly immobile. She knew that knee-replacement surgery was necessary, not only to maintain her home and garden, but to function in the community. Even prior to her surgery, Mrs. Winter made the choice to go to Christian Health for her rehabilitation.

The new 14,000-square-feet rehab gym at CHCC’s post-acute care unit, which has been named the Bolger Gym & Wellness Center, features all new state-of-the-art equipment for patients to receive the best possible care from therapists. An individualized physical and occupational therapy program, based on the Center’s Person- and Family-centered Care model, was created to enable patients like Mrs. Winter to return to an optimum level of functioning. Physical therapy focused on strengthening her new knee to be able to walk and climb stairs comfortably, while occupational therapy focused on training to complete various personal-care and house-related tasks, such as laundry. The new Transitional Care Suite within the gym, one of few in New Jersey, prepares patients to successfully and safely return home by working with occupational and/or physical therapists to re-learn daily living tasks within the home-like environment of the suite. This form of therapy has proven to decrease the amount of re-hospitalization needed following a surgery.

“The therapist gave me wonderful confidence in myself and were very aware of my strengths,” said Mrs. Winter. “They were concerned about my progress and attuned to what I needed.”

She gives equal credit to the nursing staff, dietitians, and other members of her interdisciplinary-care team for her successful rehabilitation.

“They all made my time at the Center so personal and so enjoyable with their attention,” said Mrs. Winter. “They became friends who took care of me and gave me my life back. I have the deepest admiration for Christian Health. It is a fantastic presence in our community, in our county, in our state! It is a wonderful healing center for all generations.”