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COVID-19 Resources

nurses clappingChristian Health takes extraordinary precautionary measures in providing care for the most at-risk population in our community. We have and will continue to implement all New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines and recommendations pertaining to COVID-19 prevention and control. We are committed to keeping everyone on our campuses and the community safe and healthy to the best of our abilities. We always have been, and we always will be. Thank you for your support and trust!

News and Updates


We are pleased to announce the return to open visitation at Christian Health!

Our return to open visitation was carefully and thoughtfully designed to ensure the safety of our residents, patients, their family and friends, our team members, and the community-at-large. Christian Health remains committed to prioritizing infection prevention and control,
and remaining COVID-outbreak-free.

Visitation Guidelines for Heritage Manor, Bolger Short-term Rehab, Southgate, and Longview

For visitation at Ramapo Ridge Behavioral Health, please call (201) 848-4248.

COVID-19 Vaccination

“I was eager to get the COVID vaccine and help protect myself, my family, my friends and all those around me. I appreciate how Christian Health extended this vaccine opportunity to staff families. The process was simple and smooth, and everyone was so helpful and kind. I feel better knowing I'm vaccinated. Thank you Christian Health!” --Joe K., Ridgewood, NJ

Christian Health is dedicated to protecting residents, patients, staff, and families through COVID-19 vaccinations. Since January 2021, Christian Health has successfully hosted 21 onsite COVID vaccine clinics on its campuses in Wyckoff and Wayne in close partnership with Walgreens, CVS, and Pharmscript. Nearly 100% of all residents at Christian Health have received a COVID-19 vaccine. Close to 80% of staff have been vaccinated. We are committed in our ongoing efforts to help vaccinate as many people as possible at Christian Health and in our community.

Christian Health’s medical staff have carefully evaluated all recommendations related to vaccination against COVID-19. Our physician leaders are confident in the COVID-19 vaccines currently available and encourage all those who are able to receive it to help keep our community safe and healthy. We encourage and support this vaccine as a critical step towards health and protection against COVID-19.

We are excited to have the COVID-19 vaccine in our tool kit, but we remain steadfast in our commitment to safety by wearing masks and social distancing, and our already established infection control and prevention measures to help ensure the health and protection of everyone in our community.

Press Release: Vaccination Pilot Program for Families and Loved Ones of Residents and Staff
Press Release: First Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine Administered at Christian Health Care Center
Christian Health Care Center Medical Staff Vaccine Endorsement Letter

Program Closures

  • Woodhaven of Wayne and Wyckoff (Christian Health's social and medical adult day care services) remain closed until further notice.

Program-Specific COVID-19 Reporting

As of noon (EST), Friday, July 23, 2021, Christian Health's current results for residents and patients in our care settings with a COVID-19-positive diagnosis are available below.

Heritage Manor is COVID-19 free.
Longview is COVID-19 free.
Southgate is COVID-19 free.
Ramapo Ridge is COVID-19 free.

Christian Health continues to support our acute-care partners to meet the community’s health-care needs. Heritage Manor is accepting limited admissions from local acute-care hospitals. These new patients come to us for care in order to complete their recovery following hospitalization. They are tested before admission, upon arrival, and move into an established unit used to cohort new admissions.

Among the hundreds of employees across our long-term/post-acute care, and assisted living communities, there are currently no Christian Health team members who are COVID-19 positive.

We are taking every precaution to prevent the spread of infection and safeguard everyone on our campuses. Christian Health continues to be in full compliance with state-mandated regular testing of employees. We value transparency and will continue to update this page, communicate directly to family members, and make ourselves available to answer questions.

Christian Health Preparedness and Response Plan
COVID-19 Outbreak Plan

How You Can Help

Here are a couple of ways you can help keep members of your community – especially older adults – safe and healthy and support .


Help us address critical needs. Support Christian Health’s 2021 Annual Fund

Make Smart Choices

Get vaccinated, wear a mask, practice physical distancing, and be vigilant about hand hygiene. For more tips to prevent illness and keep your community safe, visit

Phone Numbers and Resources

Note: In keeping with health-care facility regulations, Christian Health is committed to safeguarding protected health information (PHI) and does not violate resident/patient HIPAA privacy and security standards. PHI is only shared with authorized individuals.

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